New horizons in filtration

Filtration is our sector and we like to always explore new horizons

Filtration is our sector and we always like to explore new horizons.

In TECNECOFILTRATION we design and manufacture air filters, oil filters, fuel filters for internal combustion engines, cabin filters and oil filters for automatic transmissions, with applications on cars, light commercial vehicles, agricultural and industrial vehicles, since 1967. For this reason we have thought of to put know-how, production technologies and professionalism at the disposal of those looking for a competent and reliable partner in the filtration sector.

SpecificFiltration is the name of the program with which TECNECOFILTRATION manages design, development and production for third parties, alongside important industrial groups operating in the original equipment (OE), in the original spare part (OES), in the production of engines for multiple applications, in industrial filtration.

The contribution that our work offers to our partners, thanks to the SpecificFiltration program, is the result of 50 years of experience in the field of filtration, of design skills, of advanced, versatile and reliable production and control technologies, of a innate propensity to the service.


Compliant and specific

Planning and development

We design all our products with CAD-CAM-SCANNER systems, through prototyping and assembly and operation simulations for each component and for each finished product, with performance tests performed in independent laboratories.

Test on components
and finished products

Pressure pulses and burst UNI ISO 4548/6
Head loss, Filtration efficiency,
Storage capacity UNI ISO 5011:2000
Fuel filter seal UNI ISO 3724:2007
Burst of fuel filters UNI ISO 2941:2009
Pressure drop fuel filters UNI ISO 3969:2001


and reliable for quality products

TECNECOFILTRATION has advanced and reliable production technologies that allow us to create quality products and contain production times and costs to be competitive in an increasingly demanding market.

90% of the processes necessary to produce an air, oil or fuel filter are carried out in our factories, starting with the production of the filtration elements and the molding of metal and polyurethane components, passing through the assembly phases up to to the final inspection of each finished product.

A fundamental part of our production process is the constant control of every detail. We are equipped with in-line testing systems that verify 100% of the filters produced and we have a laboratory inside where checks are carried out on the incoming materials and functional tests on the finished products.

  • Filter media pleating with rotary and alternative technology
  • Filter media assemblies using infrared and ultrasonic technology
  • Metal component molding with mechanical and hydraulic presses
  • Polyurethane component molding with rotating machines

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