Automatic transmission

They guarantee cleanliness and fluidity of the oil to improve performance


The latest generation automatic transmissions need perfect lubrication and therefore require specific filters that use filter media capable of guaranteeing total oil cleaning, from any polluting particles, for long periods of use.

TECNECO automatic transmission oil filters guarantee cleanliness and fluidity of the oil, improve performance, are of original quality in compliance with the standards required by car manufacturers and in compliance with CE 461/2010.

All Tecneco products
they are 100% recyclable.

Technical features

Sealing gasket

NBR 70 – 125/70 IRHD
Resistance temperature +120°C ÷ -35°C

PPGF35 filter holder frame

Obtained through a shell molding process, it has the task of containing the filtering cartridge through which the filtered oil flows. The wall thickness is 6mm to compensate for the internal pressure of the oil at high temperature.

Rotation clutch welding

Ensures perfect structural adhesion between the two upper and lower components of the filter holder frame. It is an innovative welding technique that allows you to obtain a surface free from any visual and microstructural imperfections.

Filter media with glass fiber

Cellulose reinforced with 20% glass fiber which guarantees a filtration efficiency of 99.9% for particles with dimensions of just a few micrometers.
Weight: 190g/m2
Thickness: 700micron
Permeability: 400l/m2 sec
Degree of filtration: 26micron

Reinforcement rib

Made of polypropylene loaded with 35% glass fiber, it guarantees the dynamic support of the frame against the bending stresses generated by the flow of oil through the filter.

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